Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It's Sunday and it's going to be a beautiful 75 degrees. The Hip Chicks have been begging to go to Fiesta Texas for weeks. We entered the park and were greeted by none other than... "Who is Speedy Gonzales?" and "What's his name again?" The girls had a blast and and it was such a wonderful slow walkin' kinda day.
The girls have yet to meet the height requirement (thank goodness) for most of the "thrill" rides. They were happy with what they were able to visit- a merry go round, the train that circles the park, bumper cars, and the Dots ice cream stand. Natalya did have her sights on bigger. The above picture is not a ferris wheel. It starts horizontal and gains speed in order to become vertical. Our 6 year old loved it!! Apparently, Daddy is getting too old and didn't count on the queasy stomach afterward. Mommy's heart just about exploded when I saw how fast it was going. It was Natalya's first "real" big ride. I don't think it will be her last. My heart is beating faster even as I think about it.


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