Monday, December 31, 2007

My Best Shot

When was the last time you've seen one of these? A couple of days ago we took a short drive out to Fredericksburg for the the morning. Of course, Natalya and her horse radar found this. We didn't have any change to find out if it still worked. But cool anyway.

This is My Best Shot for today. Have a fun New Year's Eve celebration.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Pic of the Day

Daddy is trying to teach Natalya how to ride her brand new skate board. She got one from Santa. I wish there were more gear I could put on her to keep her from getting hurt. She is a complete wimp when she gets banged so I'm not sure why she has been wanting a skate board.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Wrapping it Up

Random photos from the last few days.

Our tree in all it's glory. We didn't put any gifts under it until Christmas Eve. I loved the way it looked for just that one night. We are fortunate.

Natalya's note to Santa.

Toys that were hits this year: The horse barns and all things that neighed, lava lamps, Natalya's digital camera and Vienne's harp (both were the one things they wanted from Santa), Vienne's cheerleader dress up outfit, and Natalya's talking parrot. Somehow I ended up with two vacuums this year. What is everyone trying to tell me?

And a random tidbit from V. She's been talking about Disney World and the It's a Small World ride, which she loved. But instead of Small World she's calling it "Tiny Town". Don't know how that came about but I hope no one corrects her.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to You

I had to say, before the day ends, Happy Birthday to my HipHub! Cue the birthday song. He's celebrating the big 21 again. I love you, honey. Now I'm off to wrap presents. I haven't wrapped a single one. I knew that the anticipation would be to hard for V so no gifts went under the tree. I guess I could have still wrapped them as I got them so that I wouldn't have to do them all in one night. Darn that fiend Procrastination.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Thanks to everyone who visited our "home" this year. Here's to peace in 2008. (Click to enlarge.)

Welcome "home" to Tracey's Best Shot Monday. And our Disney pictures are below.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Happiest Place on Earth

We had a wonderful trip to Disney World and the girls did great. I think we saw a little of everything on this trip. Our favorite park continues to be the Magic Kingdom park and our least favorite park was Epcot. Not enough there to keep the girls interested I guess. We stayed at our favorite Disney resort and saw just about every character the girls set out to see. Vienne loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Natalya's favorite ride is always the carousel. I was so glad to see that Natalya, at her ripe old age of 6 1/2, was still interested in everything. She hugged the characters was just as happy as Vienne was. I just hope that it stays that way for a long while. And don't believe the guide books when they say that the week before Christmas is the least busiest time to go. It was pretty busy.

Our first park day was cold! We started the day at about 40 degrees and it only reached about 60. It was on it's way to about 80 on the day we left.

We are going to ditch the autograph books next time. It just takes too much time.

Vienne got chosen from the audience to help Belle tell her story. A very happy moment for her.

Our two Princesses. These shirts are from the Sweet Bling-a-Doo Boutique at Etsy. Visit her shop. She is very sweet and shipped right to the hotel to make sure I got the shirts for our trip. She has lots of cute things.

I was so happy that Natalya agreed to dress as a Princess, too. These are the gowns that I made. I finished them up at about 11:00 the night before. They weren't as difficult as I thought they would be but I'm I was very good at procrastinating.

On our way to have dinner with Cinderella.

V loved Cinderella but loved the Prince even more. You should have seen how big her eyes were the whole time we were there.

A little Mickey love...

...And lots of Minnie love. Minnie was very happy to see V in her Minnie dress courtesy of Sweet Priya. It had really made Vienne happy to know that Priya had worn it first.

The lobby of our hotel.

And this is what happens when you ask for kechup at the hotel restaurant. You get ALL of the ketchup. When another table asked for ketchup, we had to bring it to that table. The girls got such a kick out of it.

And now, we rest. I always think that I need a vacation after my vacations. I may post more on Flickr 'cause there are so many cute pictures. Later.

Saturday, December 22, 2007


I will dust myself off and sleep tonight. I will share our Disney trip tomorrow. Princesses are asleep, dirty clothes are in the washer, there's a stack of mail this high (the post office was supposed to hold the mail but didn't), and there appears to have been a tornado in the house while we were gone. Don't you hate coming home to a messy house? Not sure what happened there 'cause I thought I cleaned a bit. Anyway, more tomorrow. What did I miss?

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pic of the Day

By the light of the tree.

V is feeling good and actually went back to school this week. Thanks to everyone who was concerned. We're leaving for Disney World next week so I just want everyone to be well and in a good mood. I hate flying. Yuck. Vienne want's to "do something Christmas" so we're off to the Riverwalk to see the lights.

(I posted this a couple of days ago but I'm making it My Best Shot. 'Cause I said so.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We're Takin' a Sick Day

Actually a sick week. We took V to the pedi yesterday because she woke up with a cough and wheeze. Our pediatrician has her on a plethora of meds for the week to make sure she recovers and stays well. But as you can tell, she's taking the whole thing just horribly. But nothing a good tutu, tap shoes, and glitter can't fix. 'Cause that's probably the best medicine of all. And makin' Mommy pretend to be a dog named Princess Cece. "Sit, Mommy. I mean Princess Cece."

Monday, December 3, 2007

Gingerbread in the House

Today we visited the Bear Moon Bakery. We invited our friends to join us in decorating gingerbread houses. What a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. The wonderful owner of the bakery laid out all the goodies and set the kids a decorating. They all truly took the job seriously. They had so much fun and we went home with works or childhood art. I really hope we can do it again next year. What do you think, Jen? We'll see how long these works of art last. They are just so yummy.

Daddy helping V. When she gave him permission to help.

What fun is decorating a gingerbread house if you can't taste it? No fun at all. Cutie pie Trevor.

Good thing we didn't have to clean up! What a blast the kiddos had. This last one will be My Best Shot for today. For more festivities head over to Picture This.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Main Street with our Buddies

Last night on Main Street was the Christmas parade. Lots of pretty lights, a high school marching band (currently, Boerne only has one high school. Until next Fall, when the second one opens. Won't be a small town anymore!), candy canes thrown at ya' smashing into pieces as they hit the ground. The kiddos sat so excitedly waiting to see Santa. It couldn't have been more fun because our wonderful friends joined us. Oh, and the weather here is whack. For those that are visiting, last weekend we went to Main Street it was 40 degrees. This weekend 77 degrees.

That's what Natalya had to say about that. Maybe Jen got a better picture of the kiddos all lined up in a row.

And THIS is what a Santa experience should be like. The girls saw Santa and the Mrs. walking in the street and ran right up to them. And this REAL Santa opened his arms and scooped them up! Then the Mrs. joined us and and mentioned how she "remembered me from when I was little." Sweet. Natalya asked for a camera and Vienne asked for a harp. I know. And Santa was sweating. The poor guy is used to the freezing North Pole and here he is in 77 degree weather.

(Trying to figure out why when you click the pictures to enlarge and open on another screen they are instead asking to save to disk. Apparently lots of people are having the same problem with Blogger.)

AND Seven Random Facts About Me. Miss Arizaphale has tagged me for a meme. I thought this was my first one but I then remembered that she has tagged me before. I never completed that assignment. She failed me that term and so I must redeem myself and beg for extra credit. Here are the rules to this one:

1. Link to the person that tagged you. Check.
2. Post the rules. Check.
3. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself. Will do.
4. “Tag” 7 people at the end of the post and include links to their blogs. No problemo.
5. Let each person know that you tagged them. Gotcha.

Here goes, 7 Random Facts about me. I will wake you up when it's over:

1. I was born in Thailand. My dad was in the Air Force stationed in Thailand. He met my mom and well, you know how it happens.
2. My favorite movie is Chocolat.
3. My sister and I once, when we were little, opened up every single present under the Christmas tree and then taped them back up. We did not get caught.
4. I taught ball room dancing. For less than a month. I hated it because I wasn't flirtatious like the other gals and that's what was expected. And most of the men that came in were old. OLD.
5. Growing up I always hated my name, Melody. It was so unique and I wanted the names that every one else had, like Michelle, Kim, Debbie (oh, man, are those name so typically 80's?)
6. I have a funky, long, second toe on my right foot. No, I will not include a picture.
7. I have two tattoos and want a third.

Now I tag:
The Honorary Indian, Mama's Boyz, Horizon Way Stories, Texas Cowgirlz, Princess Bishop , Golightly (she's visiting the Alamo City soon, makin' sure she's got street cred), and my sister Steph who doesn't have a blog but can do it in my comments . How do ya like that?