Saturday, June 30, 2007


Vienne's very first lollipop EVER (and blue tongue) courtesy of Miss Maile. Maile is our favorite photographer in the whole world. We were honored to have her take Vienne's 3 year portraits this morning. Maile worked through rain (yes, still raining) and then 110% humidity. She is a true artist and we can't wait to see the photos. She is also the sweetest gal and the girls love her. And they love her even more now that they associate her with sweet treats.
Vienne will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this week. We'll be trying to fill the week with things that she loves. This afternoon we went to Pottery Barn Kids. They make that place so much fun that sometimes it's hard to get the girls out of there. But it's one of Vienne's favorite places.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

If You Can't Beat It...

...Join it! If you are the one doing the rain dance, please stop the music. It has been one of the rainiest years ever. We get short breaks and then it's back. It's no fun when you are trying to build a house, it's no fun when you have outdoor plans (hello, it's Summer vacation), and it's no fun when it has rained every day this week. But it IS fun in your bare feet and a raincoat.

You can't tell that the rain was coming down but it was. The Hip Chicks were soaked before they finally agreed to come in.


Through all of the rain (geez, what's with the rain?!?) the house is still progressing. The air ducts are in and there is a roof. We met with the electrician and the cabinet maker yesterday. Electricity, not so fun, but essential. Cabinets, fun.

And thank goodness for the portable DVD player. Greg and I had to be at the house for about an hour and a half yesterday with the girls. They were little angels (with the help of Barbie and a Pegasus.)
And Natalya looking through the window of her future room.

Let's Begin

This week's Thursday's Theme is "Begin". How will it end? Picture This.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Little Mermaids

The Hip Chicks love their swim lessons. Both of them have been taking lessons for a long time. Natalya is doing great and is waiting to move up to the next level. She could be in a pool all day long. Vienne has been in the "baby and me" classes with Mommy. Until today. She finally gets to be in the "big girl class" because, as she says, "I don't need you anymore!" An advantage to having an older sister is that she has someone to learn from. Vienne was under the water sooner than Natalya. It was a bittersweet moment to watch my two girls so independent. But that's what I wanted anyway. Right? Maybe. Maybe not so soon.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Like, Oh Ma God

Maile was sweet enough to invite me to her Rad 80's party Saturday night. Just check out the photos. They explain everything. I can tell you that she and her gal pals really party hardy.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Walking with Dinosaurs

Today we decided to visit the Witte Museum. The Witte normally has a few dinosaurs on display but they currently have a special dinosaur exhibit. Natalya loves dinosaur books but was too scared to enter [insert ferocious dinosaur roar]. Vienne got to enjoy it with Daddy.
How could both girls have gotten so lucky to have inherited Daddy's eyelashes? One day they will appreciate them.One of the best things about going to the Witte is getting to ride the train. We park in the San Antonio Zoo parking lot, ride the train to the museum, and then catch it on the way back. Natalya and I just about freaked because these creepy crawlies were everywhere. Millions. Literally. Nothing scares me more than a worm. Vienne on the other hand is waiting for the day to really freak us out.

This last picture is My Best Shot Monday. Put on your pink shoes and follow me to Picture This.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Second Best

Those of us with two (and three and four plus) know how hard it is for the second child sometimes. They miss out on the Wiggles because the older child doesn't want to watch them, they have to run to catch up, they get hand me down clothes, they have to watch the older child do all of the most fun fantastical things that a child could imagine. And they can't do anything about it.
Poor Vienne. I sit back and watch her grow up behind Natalya struggling, frustrated everyday. Vienne wants so badly to finish the puzzle that Sister started. Vienne wants so badly to be at the finish line at the same time as Sister. Vienne wants so badly to have the new, pretty rain boots and not the old faded ones. Like Natalya.
Most days are good. I watch from the background Natalya being the big sister that I always imagined she would be. I watch them playing the games that Vienne chooses and hear them laugh and see them smile. I remind Natalya all the time how happy it makes Vienne just to have Natalya by her side. It's hard convincing Vienne that one day it will be her time. My hugs and sweet kisses just don't compare to a scooter ride with Big Sister. At her side. Vienne may have to push a little harder to stay there, though.

And so, this brings me to Thursday's Theme- Glee. Sister+Scooter+Friends= A very happy moment for my Will-Never-Be-Second-Best. Glee at Picture This. It will make you happy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Free Movie Wednesday

Today, Natalya and I took Vienne to see her first theater movie. Regal Cinemas offers free movies on Wednesday and Thursday through the summer. Today's flick at our theater was Charlotte's Web. We don't know if it met the expectations of Sweet V but she sat for most of the movie while 10 babies and their mommies paced up and down the aisles (not sure if they were expected to sit and watch an hour and a half long movie.) Natalya's review of Charlotte's Web: "It was good. The best part was when the horse fell down. Yea, you should go see it. And the popcorn was the best."

Monday, June 18, 2007

In My Black Boots...

It's Monday again. Give us your Best Shot at Picture This.

Happy Father's Day

Vienne woke up today saying that she wanted to take Daddy to the Wildlife Ranch. So that's where we celebrated Father's Day. Daddy has just as much fun there as the girls do anyway. We think he imagines himself as the head game warden of the Texas Wildlife Department. And in his daydream, he's perched up in a tree with his binoculars watching the buffalo roll in the mud all day.
There are so many reasons why the girls think their Daddy is the best. The biggest reason would be that he "takes good care of us". For example: Today at lunch the girls wanted a milkshake. So we ordered the shakes and for some reason they came without the usual cherry on top. Vienne was so upset. So Daddy asked the server if he could bring Vienne a cherry for her shake. The server soon came back with a little bowl of cherries. Vienne couldn't have been happier. Thank you, Daddy, for filling our lives full of little bowls of cherries.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boerne Berges Fest

Tonight, we took the Hip Chicks to Boerne Berges Fest. Supposedly it began 40 years ago to celebrate the German heritage that is Boerne. The Fest included lots of events such as live music, Dachshund races, and a parade. The only thing that the girls were interested in was the carnival.
Natalya loved this ride. I think she smiled the whole time she was on it.
Vienne will have to wait a little longer to ride the above ride. For now, this will do.

Friday, June 15, 2007

2007 NBA Champs

Yay for the San Antonio Spurs!!! It was a nail bitter at the end but they swept the finals. Can't get any better than that.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


OK, maybe this will be of no interest to anyone of you, but I thought it was very interesting and humerous. Found lowercase L today. It was recently chosen as a "Blog of Note" by Check it out.


The Hip Chicks like to imagine that the flowers are kings, queens, and princesses. The other day Natalya checked on them and found that the king had died. As in any monarchy, he was quickly replaced.
What can you imagine? Join us at Picture This for Thursday's Theme.

Enjoying the View

Enjoying the view from our future back porch.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Exploring Art

This morning, Natalya and I explored the art of Jackson Pollock. This is what Natalya created, inspired by Jackson Pollock.
"The Wacky Rainbow" by Natalya, age 6

Sunday, June 10, 2007

We All Scream for Ice Cream

We are currently renting in a quaint neighborhood not too far from where we are building. We find this neighborhood interesting in many ways since we came from a neighborhood that was secluded because the people lived on large acreages. Here, there are swarms of kids (which amazed the girls when we first moved here), there is almost as much drama as Wisteria Lane, we get to see the garbage truck (which Vienne loves), and we get an ice cream truck.
I have such fond memories of the ice cream truck. I remember being in the second grade and living in Arkansas. I remember me and my sister running on the hot-as-hell concrete in our bare feet to get to the truck before it drove off. It was the best treat ever.
For weeks, Natalya has been hearing the ice cream truck drive down our street and for weeks I've been saying, "OK, next time we'll try to catch it." So tonight we heard the familiar sound that every ice cream truck has. I resisted because we were already brushing teeth for bed. For some reason it always come at bedtime. But tonight, something made me get Natalya, grab my camera (of course), and pull $5 from my purse. We hurried out the door, in our bare feet, and found the truck around the corner. Natalya chose Bugs Bunny on a stick. It was so nostalgic that I came home and smiled.
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Daddy Day

Today Natalya got to have what she calls "Daddy Day". That's when it is just her and Daddy. Most of the time we all get to explore together but Vienne was a little under the weather so she and I had to stay home. Natalya and Greg got to go to the Cibolo Nature Center for "Turtle Talk". Then they went to lunch and checked on the progress of the house. The house is starting to look like a house.

Front view.

Back view.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Tracey Clark at Picture This has started Theme Thursday with this week's theme being "Spin". Here's my contribution. Check out what others have contributed.
I also did a search on YouTube and found an very cool video called "Spin". It's wonderfully creative and you can get some great photographing ideas from it.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Enjoying the Ride

Last Friday, we went to dinner with the Grands. We're lucky that they don't live far. The Hip Chicks get to see them often. We ate Thai food and then went to the cake shop for cupcakes.
I could never get enough of seeing the girls laugh together. We were singing Laurie Berkner and shakin' our shakey eggs.

Natalya: "Mommy, why are you taking a picture of the cupcakes!?"
Me: "Because they look so pretty."
Natalya: "But I bet they taste even better than they look. Can we eat them now?"

Sweet V with Grandpa.

The top photo is My Best Shot Monday. Laurie Berkner gets us up and dancing everytime. If you don't know who she is, well, where have you been?