Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Does not play well with others

Do you ever feel like you've mustered up enough energy to take your child to the park so you just don't want to play with someone else's child? I took Vienne to the park today and we were having such a nice time. Vienne loves to play with other kids but for some reason she had no interest in the boy that decided to attach himself to us. My conversation with him went something like this:

Boy: "I'm five."
Me: "Congratulations."
Boy: "I have pink eye so I had to stay home today."
Me: "Pink eye. Isn't that contagious?"
Boy: "Ummm. I have pink eye."
Me: "Thanks for warning me. Vienne, here's some magic soap."
Boy: "I have a dog."
Me: "Does he have pink eye?"
Boy: "Huh? Can you push me [on the swing]?"
Me: "Who brought you to the park today?"
Boy: "My mommy."
Me: "Where is she? She may push you a little better that I can."
Boy: "Uh, she's over there."
Me: "Is that her reading?"
Boy: "Yea."
Vienne: "I'm ready to go."


maile said...

no way! first, who ever READS at the park when your kids are playing. PLEASE! I'd be there every day. And then the pink eye! I would have been out of there too!

tracey said...

LOVE your photographs. I just love them.