Friday, July 20, 2007

Back to School Blues

When I was little, I used to love the phrase "Back to School". I always thought is was cool going shopping for new school clothes and I was always so anxious for summer vacation to end. These days it seems that I hear "back to school" earlier and earlier in the summer. Summer vacation is short enough and seems to fly by while we try to cram in as many fun things as we can. HEB already has out the kids' school supply lists! The catalogs start multiplying in the mailbox with the "must have back to school trends". My head starts spinning trying to figure out if I should register the girls for swim and dance or just riding lessons or just one for swim or does she want to play soccer again?!

So, lately I've started talking about going back to school because I figure I have to get them prepared. Them. Both girls. This Fall, Natalya starts 1st grade and [sniff] Vienne [sniff] starts [sniff] preschool. "Back to School" is monumental this Fall. The end of Summer now also means that I lose my 24 hour companion. It means that for those few hours a week someone else gets to experience why I think V is such a cool gal. It won't be the same around here. I won't be the same around here. "Back to school" will never be the same again.

We took Natalya to get her back to school hair cut. She had so much fun and smiled the whole time.
Holy moly, is she only six?
Her hair only looked this good for about 15 minutes. It ended up behind her ears as usual.


maile said...

I so know what you mean. This is the first year I will have all three of them busy during the days. It's such a constant process of letting go. Luckily there's always something new and wonderful and surpising about the new stages. But it's still so hard to say good bye to the younger versions of them.
Natalya is so beautiful! She does look so grown up! It never occurred to me to take Annie to a real salon where they actually blow her hair out. I've been depriving her at supercuts! What a fun way to start the new year though!
And I love your photography too.

Arizaphale said...

Oh wow. What a big year for you. It's gonna be ok!!! It only breaks your heart for the first few weeks and then it is such a treat to see them both at the end of the day and see what they've been up to! Promise :-D
Wonderful photos as ever. I couldn't get the Baby Angel to sit at a basin for years!!! Sitting still wasn't her strong point! Now she adores it of course. Looks like N did too.

ktjrdn said...

Those are beutiful shots!

Becky said...

Good for people to know.