Monday, July 2, 2007

Sea World

One of Vienne's favorite places is Sea World. We had not been yet this year so the Hip Chicks were very excited to go today. For Vienne, the highlight of Sea World is still Shamu. Natalya doesn't care so much about him anymore. But Vienne will still watch in awe. While we are at Sea World we have to visit the dolphins and sharks, see Shamu, and do some swimming in the water park.

A self portrait of me with my Sweet V.
Say, "Cheese!"
And this is us waiting for the torrential sideways rain to stop before going into the house. It didn't. We got soaked. We wondered if the people still at Sea World were getting wet. We managed to get through most of the day with no rain.

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Arizaphale said...

That's a beautiful black and white of you and the little one. We don't have an aquarium here although you can see the dolphins from the cliff tops at a local beach quite frequently. Not quite the same vantage point as 'Cheese' though!