Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Slippery When Wet

This is what's called in and around the San Antonio area as a "low water crossing". Whenever we get heavy rains or everyday for a year rains like we've been having, the news people will come on TV saying "watch out for low water crossings" because some spots over roads will flood. Is this a San Antonio phenomenon? We were driving home the other day and decided to take a new road home just because. As we were driving we see the "Road Closed" sign. But like every other San Antonian we think, "That doesn't apply to us. Let's go around it and see." As we drive not even a mile down we see the next sign that reads "Water Over Road" and sure enough, there was. This doesn't look as daunting in the picture but the water was rushing. Fast. Super fast. Many a loony driver will brave this mini flood of water and end up on the news themselves not able to tell their story. The rain continues even as I type. Did I miss the memo to build our ark?


Honorary Indian said...

Oh, Melody, I actually drove through this YESTERDAY if this is Blanco Rd. The kids thought it was great...but I then realized what I was teaching them, so we've avoided it ever since. I do love that short cut, though, when it's not a raging river!

Melody A. said...

It IS the one on Blanco. I can't believe you did that! Greg wouldn't even do it in his truck. Yikes. Vienne would have loved it because she always begs us to looks for puddles to drive through.

Melissa said...

I grew up in San Antonio, and remember the low water crossings well! When we lived north of Boerne, I was trapped out of my neighborhood by these raging rivers.

Now that I live in Missouri, I am amazed at the poor planning of early San Antonians. You know, what seems normal to Texans seems absurd to the rest of the country!

Be safe!