Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Field Trip

This weekend we visited the "Here Be Dragons" exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures. Greg has been wanting to go to the ITC for a long time. It's filled with all things related to Texas history. The current special exhibit is about dragons. As you enter the exhibit there is a really cool animated dragon. The rest of the exhibit talks about how dragons came to be cross culturally.

This picture was taken at the entrance of the ITC. If you've ever been to Texas you know that the flag flies everywhere. This is a huge neon flag that I thought was very cool.
Across from the ITC is the 750 foot tall Tower of the Americas. It's one of the first things you see when you approach downtown San Antonio. We've never been up there. Frankly, I'm a wee bit scared to go up. There's a restaurant at the top.
And our little Sweet V. She's always asking, "Where are we going next?"


Melissa said...

I'm very afraid of heights, but the observation deck on the Tower has a very tall fence around it. (It's been six years since I went up.)

The restaurant is very fun; it slowly spins around so you can see all the views of the city!

Honorary Indian said...

Cool new header...would love for you to help me design one! And, you'd love the Tower and the restaurant. Food has improved over the years. The problem is that darn elevator that tends to get stuck a lot.

Melody A. said...

I think the elevator may be what scares me the most! I told the girls we'd do it on the next special occasion.

Mommy's Cherish said...

Sounds like fun. My hubby would love it, he is a history nerd. Always wanted to eat lunch at the T of A, till the elevator kept breaking...no thousands of stairs or stuck elevators for me!

maile said...

i've been wanting to do that since we got here too. I love your photos...the flag one is really great.

Cari said...

I love the neon flag shot.