Sunday, September 23, 2007

Before and After

If you don't visit Stacey on a regular basis like I do, you're missing out on some great photography (and, well, cute kids!) But as an added bonus, on Saturdays she posts photography tips. I'm constantly trying to improve my craft so I love her tips. Stacey is a fantastic teacher and her tutorials are so easy to follow. Today's tip was on how to dodge the eyes to make that wonderful "eye pop" that I've seen a lot of lately. Go over there and check it out. But first looky at what I've done! The first shot is the before and the second is the after. I followed Stacey's eye pop directions and then processed some more for the final oomph. What do you think, Stacey?



Stacy said...

Great job! :) You can see the catchlights and the color is so much better! You are right, with my kids blue blue eyes, having it at 100% usually gives it too much, but it works perfectly for your kids' darker eyes.

horizonwaystories said...

wow, it turned out beautiful. so, taking the photo is only have the job, you have to "process" it too with a bunch of edits. i have so much to learn. great job!!

Anna said...

Rats, Melody, I can't see the photos!
I'll check back later, maybe it is something on my end.

I DO love Stacy's photo tips!

Arizaphale said...

I couldn't see em the other day either but tonight...there they are! Looking great too! One of these days I will get Photo Shop and be brave enough to try these tricks. What a difference it makes. Her face just glows! I have learned a little bit about HTML recently though. I followed your advice and got the header up but we had to adjust the size of it in the end and by playing with the html numbers and colour codes (Himself knew about them) we managed to come up with it's all thanks to YOU!! for starting us off.

tracey said...

Fantastic! Bravo!