Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kendall County Fair

This weekend is the Kendall County Fair. There are livestock shows and auctions, a carnival, and this morning there was a parade. It was the longest small town parade ever at almost 2 hours. The girls had a blast and Daddy is now broke. We marvel at how much it is to go to a fair. The rides average about $3 each. You could easily spend $50 in just an half hour of play.

Pretty queens and princesses.

Candy! Run!

Sister love.

Daddy enjoying fair food and a refreshing beverage.

The longest corn dog ever. Vienne only ate two bites of it.

8 second ride. Any bull riding fans out there?


mamazboyz said...

Love the corn dog pic, we bought 2 of them, I ended up eating one plus the curly fries, needless to say, tums b4 bedtime!! I love the pic of the float, love the angle and the vibrant colors and the girl running after candy!!

Honorary Indian said...

We just returned from the fair...Animesh is now broke, too. Could you believe those prices?! And, those CORN DOGS?! Had fun, though...nice cool temps and no rain! Great small town fun.