Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lucky Me

Yesterday, I got to have lunch with the world famous photographer friend Maile. And I don't think that's an exaggeration. Lunch, a little bit of shopping, and we end up in one of the quirkiest places in all of Boerne. A little place that does mini tattoos and henna. Of course Maile comes armed. Somehow she made me look a few years younger and, well, kinda cute! She is the master. Thanks for a fun lunch, Maile. Hope we can do it again soon. OK, who wants to have lunch with me next week?

Too bad Maile can't boost my ego like this everyday. Few more? Click here.

On a different note... My little V is a character. At pick up from school yesterday, she asked if we could get ice cream. She's never asked before so I said, "Sure. Let's go." Immediately there is an arguement over where to go. Both girls are upset. Finally I say we aren't going because I innitially thought it would be fun but somehow they've turned it into a doctor's appointment. They decide on a place. Happy times are here again. We get home to some more disagreements and V ends up in time out. Later in the evening Vienne comes to me ands says:
"Sorry Momma."
I say, "What are you sorry about?"
She says, "For spilling my juice."
I say, "That's not what I want you to be sorry about. Go think some more."
She leaves and comes back. "I'm sorry for going to my room."
I say, "What? That's not what I want you to be sorry for. Go think some more."
Then Vienne falls to her knees and throws her hands in the air and says, "What am I supposed to be sorry for?!"
Of course, I laugh. I've held the grudge all evening and she's already forgotten.


Shawn said...

How could she not turn lunch into a photo shoot with those great boots and the cutest shirt I've ever seen?! Love how the photos turned out. Sounds like it was the perfect lunch. :)

PS: thanks for the sweet comment on my blog this morning. I was almost afraid to re-read what I'd written when I woke up because it was SO late when I was writing it. lol

horizonwaystories said...

wow - now I am sure that the name HipMomma's journal was perfect for you. Really, you look beautiful. Tell me about your necklace? I love it!!! What is it a picture of? Oh, I wanted to say that whenever you are going to take pictures of Angelia's family, if you want, you can do me and my boys the same day, just a little later -we could do that to save you some time. Let me know. I wish I could do something super cool for as a thank you for my nap map too - but who can compete with Maile???

Maya said...

Beautiful photos!!!!

That is hilarious about V! How funny this parenting thing can be!

Stephanie said...

Hi! I followed you from Maile's site. She's great isn't she? I think you are right about her being world famous. Anyway, I had to comment on how ADORABLE you are!
Also, I want to ask how big your napmats are and how much they cost. I live near Maile, so I could even pick them up if I ordered some from you (if you are not bombarded w/ orders.
Okay, now I'm rambling when I really only came by to tell you "Cute Pictures!"

Stacy said...

Well, FINALLY, a picture of YOU! You are truly beautiful, so I'm glad that Maile ambushed you and took some pictures. :) AND you need to share your craftiness on your blog, too. I love those nap mats, so cute!

The story about V is pretty cute, too. :) They tend to forget so easily why they are being punished.

melody is slurping life said...

You're gorgeous! And yes very young and fresh. AND love your blouse and boots AND am jealous of your photo shoot. :)

About the "I'm sorry" ordeal...we've so been there.

maile said...

World Famous...that is hysterical! But thanks for the ego boost. So not true. BUT. You are a total hottie! I always feel like an elephant next to your tiny cuteness of a hip mama self. Glad you liked them. You know every mom needs to be ambushed once and a while. And the story about V is SO cute. I love that you are the kind of mommy who spontaneously drives to ice cream stores. Inspires me to say yes once in a while too...even though it DOES end up in a fight half the time. I totally know what you mean.

Christina said...

Melody, you are ADORABLE! You truly are one HimMomma. Amazing pictures!

How funny about V's little "I'm sorry" story. Nadia and I always have a litle talk after timeout, and I ask her if she's going to do xyz again. Usually the answer is supposed to be no, but sometimes yes is the correct answer. Wellm, she vehemently answers NO!!!! every single time!

chaoticfamily said...

Your blog title is very appropriate - beautiful picturess!

Mommy's Cherish said...

Maile did some awesome pictures as usual. And you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.

Arizaphale said...

As I said on Maile's site, how great to see so much of YOU!!! One of the first posts I saw on the Hipmomma's Journal was one of you and V and I thought then what a fantastic face you have! Now I see the rest of it is pretty damn hot too!!!! :-D What a memorable lunch eh? and as for V...what a drama queen...who could keep a straight face!!!! Bless.

mamazboyz said...

Ok, NOW I'm super sad, I didn't do lunch with you guys!! I missed out on chatting, food AND pictures...from Maile!! The only picture she has ever taken of me is with my hair unwashed for 4 days and a total greese pit...You'res are fantastic, I'm jealous...and I missed it just for running errands!!! boo hoooooooo!!!

Erica said...

Oh My! You look like you did in High School, simply beautiful. And here I sit in oversized jeans and a running shirt.

Anna said...

Love that you two get to have lunch together in that cute town it seems to suit you two creative mommas!
And what cute photos, you look fantastic! Love the shirt.

And SUCH a funny story about V.

Sarah Jane Rhee said...

"Kinda cute"?! How about drop dead gorgeous! Those photos are AWESOME! And I'm pretty convinced it's not just the photographer.