Saturday, June 30, 2007


Vienne's very first lollipop EVER (and blue tongue) courtesy of Miss Maile. Maile is our favorite photographer in the whole world. We were honored to have her take Vienne's 3 year portraits this morning. Maile worked through rain (yes, still raining) and then 110% humidity. She is a true artist and we can't wait to see the photos. She is also the sweetest gal and the girls love her. And they love her even more now that they associate her with sweet treats.
Vienne will be celebrating her 3rd birthday this week. We'll be trying to fill the week with things that she loves. This afternoon we went to Pottery Barn Kids. They make that place so much fun that sometimes it's hard to get the girls out of there. But it's one of Vienne's favorite places.


maile said...

she is a doll melody. photographing your kids is totally fun. they're so sweet and precious and i love getting to see how they've grown. I will be SURE to have treats now every time. that was close yesterday! :0)
Also, thanks for making me come to Boerne. I hope I'm back up there a lot. It's so worth the short drive.

Laura McIntyre said...

She really is a doll, i love the picture. Happy early 3rd birthday