Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Vienne woke up today saying that she wanted to take Daddy to the Wildlife Ranch. So that's where we celebrated Father's Day. Daddy has just as much fun there as the girls do anyway. We think he imagines himself as the head game warden of the Texas Wildlife Department. And in his daydream, he's perched up in a tree with his binoculars watching the buffalo roll in the mud all day.
There are so many reasons why the girls think their Daddy is the best. The biggest reason would be that he "takes good care of us". For example: Today at lunch the girls wanted a milkshake. So we ordered the shakes and for some reason they came without the usual cherry on top. Vienne was so upset. So Daddy asked the server if he could bring Vienne a cherry for her shake. The server soon came back with a little bowl of cherries. Vienne couldn't have been happier. Thank you, Daddy, for filling our lives full of little bowls of cherries.

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