Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I'm Thankful For...

...This face. And this from Vienne:
(Noticing that Natalya had glitter on her face) Vienne says, "Natalya, why do you have magic on your face?"

Have a wonderful Turkey Day. Count your blessings, not the calories.

This is another shot from our Christmas card session. The Card unveiling on Monday.


Maya said...

That is wonderful...I want to call glitter that from now on!

One Love Photo said...

I love your top banner action! VERY COOL! I think I want to design something fun like that for my blog! I just found you on Me Ra and will peek around more this weekend. So far it is looking really cute!


Stacy said...

What a funny little cutie! LOL at glitter, being "magic". I think that is the cutest saying I've heard in awhile.

Have a happy turkey day!

Christina said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love Vienne's name for glitter!

Arizaphale said...

Love love love that shot! She has a magic face all the time as far as I'm concerned :-D