Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving started and ended as usual. We went to the Grands' house with the pecan pie. I think we could have pretty much replayed last Turkey day and wouldn't have missed a thing. Even the same food because we so look forward to our usual turkey and fixins. If any deviation occurs, it's just not Thanksgiving. Natalya started the day announcing that her other top front tooth came out. We were sooooo thankful for that because, again, it was causing great stress. And she was able to enjoy her wonderful turkey feast with no worries.

Another one bites the dust. I couldn't wait to see both front teeth out.

After turkey, after nap exercise. It is cold here. It has been around the mid 40's. That's cold around these parts. Some of North Texas even got snow.

Natalya brings paper out and sits on the driveway to draw. Even in freezing weather, she was drawing trees. I wish I had the tree drawing to scan but she gave the wonderful tree art to Grandma. It was a nice day.


Shawn said...

Sounds like the perfect thanksgiving day. And I can't believe it gets that cold there. Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is just as wonderful. :)

Christina said...

We got snow!!! Just flurries, but is was beautiful!
Natalya looks so cute with her gap-tooth smile. :o)
Glad you had a good thanksgiving!

Arizaphale said...

I love the girls' woolly coats. They look so warm. I wish we could have seen the tree drawings too. I bet they were something. Welcome to the world of big teeth lovely Natalya.

Stacy said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving day! I love the food part of the day so much, too. Gorgeous pictures...that last one is just beautiful. Her coat is so cute, too!