Friday, November 30, 2007

What's Up?

So yesterday I had a day at home while the girls were at school. I have to sew princess costumes for them. We're going to Disney World in a few weeks (yay!) It's sorta the thing for the girls to dress up like a princess while dining with THE princess. Somehow it came outta my mouth that I would make them costumes. Anyway, I'm home, I get all my instruments out, clear some of the stuff from the table, and... I can't find my scissors. My good ones. I spend over an hour looking before I decide that for some reason they are lost and I must work. I try the everyday scissors and then decide this ain't happenin' so I have to go buy new scissors. But guess what I find when I pick Natalya up from school? In the back seat of the car at Natalya's feet. How they ended up there, I will never know. But I did end up buying the springy scissors the retract for you. Now I'm cooking with gas. I'll post pictures of the final creations when I'm done.

Hey, for all you greenies out there, look what I found on Etsy as I'm doing a search for "cuff", you know the wrist kind. The wonderful things people think up:

$5.00! Reusable, washable, and funky fun. And she recommened gifting it with a bag of coffee beans. Neato.
Edit: Apparently this one is sold out but she does have other fabric options. Browse through her store.

And does anyone else have a child who makes you pick out their wedgies?


Honorary Indian said...

That is one of the coolest little things I've ever seen. I tried to buy one (10) and they're all sold out. Frankly, you could whip those out in no time.

I'll take 10, please. :)

horizonwaystories said...

no underwear picking...but jackson did tell me that his penis was bothering him this AM because it was too turned. So there I was fixing a twisted penis at 6:45am this morning. He did remind me not to pull it off!

Arizaphale said...

This is all slightly disturbing!!!! I had to check that wedgie meant the same thing there as it does here. Apparently it does!
I'm with the hon Indian on the
'make em yourself'...with your hard could it be?

Oh and btw, apparently there is a big football match in your town tonight? Missouri v Oklahoma. Are you a fan?

Arizaphale said...

Oh...and on the scissors thing...I have bought 3 new pair for similar reasons. Once though, Himself had used my dress making scissors to cut rope for the boat!!! grrrrr
New scissors and a 'Keep Off' sign required.

carrie said...

sweet...can't wait to see the finished costumes! make sure to post them on our "crafty tuesday" and then I won't feel so bad about not having anything to post. again.

Arizaphale said...

And btw, I have tagged you for a meme. Hope you haven't done this one already....

~ Melody ~ said...

Hooray for the cool scissors, and what a cute, useful idea with the cup wrap.

No child requesting wedgie removal, but when he was preschool age Wil did ask that I pick his nose for him.

SusieJ said...

Have a GREAT time at Disney!! What fun. And, I love the cuff. Thanks for the find.

Stacy said...

Oh, I love my Gingher (sp?) dressmaker scissors and so far everyone knows that they are MAMMA'S SCISSORS. I would seriously have a fit if I saw them using them for anything other than fabric.

LOL about the wedgie picking. That is too funny. Oh kids!

BTW I got the tutu on Friday. So cute! I will have a picture up this week, I promise. :)

Have fun with the costumes. I am sure they will turn out splendidly.